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Tarnavsky Tax Firm has been in operation since 2007 providing its clients with tax services around the nation. We pride ourselves on the long standing relationships we build with our clients. We help eliminate the extra stress that is caused by tax issues. Our family-owned and operated tax firm offers expert advice and personable attention to your tax needs. Tarnavsky Tax Firm gives you the professionals you need at competitive prices. So, whether you just need to ask a few questions or are facing serious IRS debt, let the professionals at Tarnavsky help you today! CALL ATTORNEY PAUL TARNAVSKY OF THE TARNAVSKY TAX FIRM (TTF).

As a tax attorney and tax law specialist, he will work tirelessly to answer all your questions and structure sensible solutions for all your tax issues. Tarnavsky Tax Firm works around the clock to give you what you need, when you need it most. With our expert advice and services we help you pay less, get more back and eliminate the extra stress from the IRS. Check out our wide range of tax services today!


Services Provided by TTF:

If you’re in search of help that is not listed here, feel free to contact Tarnavsky Tax Firm. We are the top experts in the business, we will work with you to get you the help you need.  We are certified to handle even the most gruesome of tax cases, so let us help you out today!


 Individual & Small Business Tax Return Preparation

Half the battle with dealing with taxes is preparing for them. It can be very stressful when you’re handing all of the details yourself. Tarnavsky Tax Firm offers tax return preparation help for you! Whether you need help with W-2s or are dealing with a 1099 we can help you. Our tax return preparation helps make sure you have your paper work in order.  When you supply us with the all applicable social security numbers, W-2s, expense report and 1099s we ensure you get the most out of your taxes. We help you maximize your deductions and limit the amount you owe. Tarnavsky Tax Firm is your place for tax return preparation for individual tax matters and business taxes.

Tax Audits, Appeals & Litigation

So you’re being audited? Tarnavsky Tax Firm is here to guide you through it. The first step is not to stress out when you receive a notice from the IRS. The IRS can perform tax audits at random or because it can be questioning your report. You will have to prove that you’ve accurately reported your income and expenses. If the IRS finds there was any error they will make the appropriate changes and charge you the amount plus tack on interest and late fees. Tarnavsky Tax Firm can guide you through the process. Once the IRS has made its decision you have the option of filing an appeal. Tarnavsky can help you with the appeal process if you feel you’ve been wrongly accused. Further, if you fail to win the appeal process you may take it to litigation. Litigation allows you to continue to fight for your cause. Tarnavsky Tax Firm is on your side! If you’re being audited call us today!

Representation in the Tax Court

The Tax Court was set in place to handle federal income disputes. All trials in the Tax Court are in front of a judge and without a jury. When you’re petitioning the IRS in Tax Court you must make sure you have the right professionals representing you.  So, whether you are in Tax Court for criminal tax matters or to dispute an audit the process can be complicated. Let the professionals at Tarnavsky help you in the Tax Court!

Installment Agreements

When considering your options with IRS tax debt, an Installment Agreement could be the right choice for you. Installment Agreements allow you to pay back your owed taxes in an affordable payment plan. Not everyone qualifies for an Installment Agreement with the IRS. If you owe less then $25,000 you should qualify. However, if you owe more than $25,000 you still may qualify. Ask the professionals today to find out if you qualify for an Installment Agreement on your back taxes.

Offer In Compromise

Tarnavsky Tax Firm can help you obtain an Offer In Compromise with the IRS on your back taxes. An Offer In Compromise with the IRS is a settlement on partial the amount on your back taxes. Qualifying for this debt relief option is a bit more complicated than an Installment Agreement but will save you a large amount of money.  There are three different types of OICs (Offer In Compromise) including Doubt as to Collectibility, Doubt as to Liability, and Exceptional Circumstance. Let Tarnavsky Tax Firm help you owe less on your IRS tax debt. Call us today!

Preparing & Filing Delinquent Returns

It is crucial that you file all of your taxes, even the one’s that are late or delinquent. When you don’t file your taxes you can be subject to a criminal tax investigation due to failure to file. Failure to file taxes is both a federal and state crime. Don’t be subject to criminal tax issues, let the professionals help you catch up on your late and delinquent taxes. We can help you file all missing years, plan to pay off your debts, and even reduce the amount you owe. Don’t wait any longer to file your late and delinquent taxes, we can help you!

Tax Lien, Levy and IRS Debt Relief

When you’re facing serious IRS tax debt, a lien or levy, it can be very stressful. With our professional IRS debt relief help we can get your garnishments, lien or levy stopped today. Tarnavsky Tax Firm can also help you owe less and make it affordable to pay off your tax debts. If you’ve received a letter from the IRS informing you of an intention for garnishments, a tax lien or levy, you need to contact the professionals today! We can help you, don’t wait till it’s too late.

Tax Penalties & Interest Removal

You may be subject to penalties and interest on your taxes for a variety of reason. Some of those reasons include failure to file, late payments, penalty for underpaying estimates, substantial understatement and penalty for negligence. Penalties can take up to 25 percent of debt amount. Tarnavsky can help you obtain Penalty Interest Abatement, taking off a large percentage or all of the interest you owe. Don’t settle with large amounts of penalties and interest, let Tarnavsky help you owe less today!

Innocent Spouse Claims

When you file joint tax returns with your spouse, many problems can arise. Whether you are divorced or separated, the first step in spouse relief is to make sure you separate your taxes. Tarnavsky Tax Firm offers innocent spouse relief for those who are facing IRS debt that is related to joint tax returns. Our tax specialists will help you go through the relief options including equitable relief, separation of liability and innocent spouse relief. For more information on innocent spouse claims and more, call us today at 877.275.5182!

Criminal Tax Matters

Tarnavsky Tax Firm is on your side when you’re dealing with criminal tax matters. Whether you’re under investigation by the IRS or facing criminal charges for tax evasion, fraud, filing a false return or failure to file, we are here for you. Tarnavsky Tax Firm works diligently to make sure you have the tax attorneys handling your case. Criminal tax matters can have serious consequences including jail time and large fines. Tarnavsky Tax Firm is here for your criminal tax matters today!

International Tax Matters

We offer tax services for individuals who are working on obtaining citizenship. Tarnavsky Tax Firm helps you pay your taxes to the US government in a discrete manner. There can be many benefits to paying taxes, even if you’re not a citizen. We will help assign you a specific number that would take place of a traditional Social Security Number. Call today and see how we can help you with your path to paying taxes today!

Divorce & Family Tax Law

Tarnavsky Tax Firm helps you with all tax matters regarding divorce and family tax law. Whether you’re filing for dependents or worried about your filing status, we are here to help. The professionals at Tarnavsky Tax Firm can guide you through the process. We help you with relief options for joint liability, filing status and more. Call today for more information at 877.275.5182.


Tarnavsky Tax Firm offers its services around the nation providing you the services you need, no matter where you are. With our fast and easy mobile access, we can even help you when your on-the-go. Whether your local or across the country call us today and let our friendly and professional tax attorneys help you. Please feel free to review our privacy policy.